Choosing The Best Size Hooks For Bluegill (Easy Guide)

Bluegill fishing is one of the most popular pastimes enjoyed by Anglers both novice and experts.

And as simple as it may seem, choosing the best size hook for catching Bluegill can be confusing.

But don’t worry, in this article, I’ll tell you exactly the best size hook for bluegill fishing and give you a couple of options.

Best Size Hooks for Bluegill

The best size hook for bluegill fishing is a # 6 aberdeen, or long shank hook. These small hooks are a great all-around choice because it works well with common bluegill baits such as live worms, crickets, shrimp, or even leeches.

If you can’t get your hands on number #6 long Shank style hooks don’t fret. For bluegill fishing you can go as small as a number #12 hook or as large as a number #4 hook. However, The sweet spot for Bluegill hook size is somewhere in the #6-8 size range.

Keep in mind that bluegill have very small mouths compared to other panfish. That’s why I recommend a smaller size hook with a narrow gap and long shank.

Choosing The Best Size Hooks For Bluegill

It will make removing the hook from the fish’s mouth much easier and prevent the bluegill from swallowing your bait.

Types Of Bluegill Hooks

While Aberdeen or long shank style hook sizes are often the preferred choice for catching bluegill they are not the only option.

Aberdeen Hooks

Long and thin, Aberdeen hooks are perfect for live bait like worms to catch bluegill, and are designed to cause minimal damage to your bait. The long shank makes them easy to remove which is why they are the preferred choice for bluegill fishing.

Live Bait Hooks

Specifically designed to hold live bait in place, these hooks have a shorter shank with small barbs, and are often used for bluegill fishing. These hooks prevent squimry baits from crawling up the shank, and disguise your hook point.

Live bait hooks also work really well when using things like bread, hotdogs or corn for bait. The smaller hook bend and shank make it easy for a chunk of simple bait (which is perfect for kids!).

Circle Hooks

Unique in design with a curved point that works great for live and artificial bait, circle hooks ensure fish are hooked in the corner of the mouth, which reduces gut-hooking, making it ideal for catch-and-release bluegill fishing.

Do Circle Hooks Work For Bluegill?

It is possible to use circle hooks for catching Bluegill, however you want to be sure you choose a small size circle hook such as a number #6 or #8. These are often referred to as mosquito hooks or octopus hooks.

The challenge with using circle hooks is removing the fishing hooks. Because they do not have a long shank it’s often difficult to remove the hook, so It’s best to have a small set of hemostats or pliers handy.

When using circle hooks for bluegill fishing, you do not need to set the hook; simply begin reeling and applying tension and let the hook do the work!

What Color Hooks Are Best For Bluegill?

I have tested a variety of different colored hooks when catching bluegill, including brass, gold, silver, red, green, even blue. And I have not noticed any advantage or pattern with the color of fishing hook I’m using….

Bluegill hook with worm

More important than the color of the hook, is using the correct hook size and the correct choice of bait. If the bluegill are feeding you’re going to get bites!


Choosing the correct bluegill hook size for catching bluegill does not have to be complicated. In my experience a #6 size fishing hook is the best all-around size.

It will catch those big 10”+ trophy bluegill, as well as smaller 3”-5” bluegill which make great bass bait.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

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