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Crazy Facts About the World Record Crappie

While lepomid sunfish and black bass get the lion’s share of the love in the sunfish family centrarchidae, crappies in the genus poxomis are often ignored. They’re the bigger cousin of more common sunfish like …
size hooks for smallmouth bass

What Size Hooks for Smallmouth Bass? Quick Guide

Pound for pound, smallmouth bass provide for some of the best fights that freshwater fishing can allow. If you want to hook up on trophy bronzebacks, however, you absolutely need to know what size hooks …

Large and in Charge-Mouth: 10 of the Best Bass Lures of All Time (And Where to Buy Them)

The largemouth bass is a sportfishing icon, the most sought-after gamefish in the entire country and introduced the world over. No matter where you go, you’ll find people with bass fever, and no shortage of …
World Recored Bluegill

Emperor of the Sun(fish): What You Need to Know About the World Record Bluegill

Countless anglers can point to the ever-present bluegill as their first fish, including myself! A palm-sized bluegill in Northeastern Ohio is what started me down the path of fishing that I still walk today, so …
best lures for fall bass fishing

The Seven Best Lures for Fall Bass Fishing

Fall is a time of constant change; schools begin their new terms, big box stores are already gearing up for Christmas, and in much of the Northern US the weather starts to change noticeably. If …

Which Fishing Line is Best for Bass Fishing With A Spinning Reel?

Fishing line is one of the most overlooked parts of angling, despite it being one of the most important. It is literally the only thing between your rod and the fish! Without it, the best …

About Panfish Nation

My name is Adam, and if you’re anything like me you love to go fishing.

I created Panfish Nation to help anglers of all backgrounds become better freshwater fishermen, and that starts at the source; Panfish!

Panfish represent the foundation of freshwater fishing. They are found all over the world, they come in all shapes and sizes, and they are both predators and prey.

Millions of anglers all over the world can think back to their very first fish, that first exciting catch…and chances are it was a panfish.

Mine was bluegill in a small neighborhood pond caught on a piece of hotdog…what was yours?

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