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Which Fishing Line is Best for Bass Fishing With A Spinning Reel?

Fishing line is one of the most overlooked parts of angling, despite it being one of the most important. It is literally the only thing between your rod and the fish! Without it, the best …

What Size Hooks for Panfish?

Anyone who has ever caught a fish has most likely caught at least one panfish before. However, even a species as ubiquitous as panfish can be difficult to catch if you don’t have the right …
Coppernose Bluegill

Coppernose Bluegills: How They’re Different from Common Bluegill

The name is often whispered in hushed tones among anglers who’ve seen them. These legendary panfish are known as some of the biggest, meanest and hardest fighting sunfish on the planet. But what exactly are …
best crappie lakes in north carolina

Best Crappie Lakes In North Carolina

North Carolina is home to some of the best crappie fishing in the country, with abundant populations of both black and white crappie. Anglers can expect a great fishing experience in these crappie-rich waters. Lake …

Bluegill vs Brim: Differences & Terminology, Explained!

The terms bluegill and brim are very common in the world of freshwater fishing… however, there is a lot of confusion around these terms.  Are bluegill and brim the same? What exactly do these terms …

Are Freshwater Drum Good To Eat? You May Be Surprised!

Although freshwater drum are relatively common in various parts of North America, many anglers despise them, much less bring them home for a meal. But why is that? Are freshwater Drum good to eat and …

About Panfish Nation

My name is Adam, and if you’re anything like me you love to go fishing.

I created Panfish Nation to help anglers of all backgrounds become better freshwater fishermen, and that starts at the source; Panfish!

Panfish represent the foundation of freshwater fishing. They are found all over the world, they come in all shapes and sizes, and they are both predators and prey.

Millions of anglers all over the world can think back to their very first fish, that first exciting catch…and chances are it was a panfish.

Mine was bluegill in a small neighborhood pond caught on a piece of hotdog…what was yours?

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