IFish Pro 2.0 Tip-Up Review (Full Pros & Cons)

Ice fishermen have long used tip-ups as a set line to lure in larger game fish and predators.

Catching fish usually involves a spring-loaded flag that “tips up” followed by fighting the fish by hand with just a heavy tip-up line.

In this article, I am going to review the IFish Pro 2.0 tip up which allows anglers to utilize their favorite rod to fight the fish as opposed to hand lining.

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Pros of the I Fish Pro 2.0 Tip Up

The simple package that is the IFish pro 2.0 packs in some great features to enhance your tip-up fishing. 

Fighting Fish With A Rod And Reel

Chasing flags is fun, but You can’t beat battling it out with trophy fish on a rod and reel.

Thankfully the IFish Pro 2.0 still provides the ease of setting and forgetting, but when that flag pops you get the satisfaction of a hook set and the rod bend we all love. 

In fact, that is hands down the best feature of the IFish pro 2.0 system; after all, what angler doesn’t like using their favorite rod to set the hook and start the fight?

Insulated Round Base

Fishing below freezing temps will make keeping your ice hole open challenging. The I Fish Pro 2.0 is built on a 12” round plastic base with a layer of foam insulation built in.

This will keep the warmth escaping from the hole contained and your hole free from icing up.

Light Weight

The heavy-duty plastic base of the IFish Pro 2.0 makes it an extremely lightweight platform. Be sure to pack snow around the base on windy days which will also help insulate even more.

Cons of the I Fish Pro 2.0 Tip Up

The IFish Pro 2.0 could use some modifications to its design to make it more user-friendly and convenient.

Adjustable Rod Holder

The rod holder on the IFish Pro 2.0 is on a pivoting arm that folds into itself. This makes it slightly less bulky when packing it away. Being made of plastic makes it flimsy and vulnerable to strong winds.

A crafty DIY’er might modify it with an aluminum channel for some added rigidity.


A round base makes the IFish Pro 2.0 an all-in-one tip-up and hole cover. This however does not make a very convenient design for packing away or storing.

A plastic storage bin works well but this isn’t easy to tote around and takes up a lot of space in your sled.

IFish Pro 2.0 Tip-Up Review (Full Pros & Cons)


Setting up an I Fish Pro 2.0 takes a bit of practice and patience. Because your rod is involved there are multiple independent movable pieces that are liable to cause issues.

The slip-stop trigger slides on your line exactly like a bobber would, except it won’t float. If you drop it in the water while setting your depth you will have to reel it up and start over to get it back.

Adding a piece of foam may help with this but could get in the way of the trigger’s functionality.

Should you buy an I Fish Pro 2.0?

If you are an avid tip-up fisherman looking to try a new exciting method, the Ifish Pro 2.0 is perfect for you and I highly recommend it!

Be patient while learning the ins and outs of this platform, and you will be rewarded with a fun battle with your next trophy on your favorite rod & reel combo.

YouTube has tons of great videos with tips on the best ways to set up and use the I Fish Pro 2.0.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any rod in the I Fish Pro 2.0?

Yes, however rods that have a split cork handle will not seat in the rod holder very well. You can always just stick it in the snow next to it if you have no other options.

Ideally, you would use a rod with a soft tip so fish don’t feel the action of the rod before they eat your bait.

Does the slip-stop float like a bobber?

No, it will sink so make sure to hold on to it as you set your depth. If your flag is tripped the trigger will drop it into the water as well so it will likely be gone when you retrieve your rod. Make it count and set the hook, you’ll have to reset it anyway.

Does the I Fish Pro have accessories?

They have kits to replace the flag, trigger, and slip stop should you lose or break them.

You can also modify your IFish Pro to include a clod nation Ice Defense system to keep your hole free from ice even in extreme sub-zero temps.

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